Maximize Speech Privacy

Bring Down the Noise

Create confidential spaces and take speech privacy to the next level.


Growing Need for Speech Privacy

The need to keep personal and business information private from people in adjacent spaces is more important than ever before. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and spaces where human resource, financial, or legal discussions take place are just a few of the environments where sensitivity around privacy is heightened.

Create Balanced Acoustical Design for Confidentiality

Ceilings, often the largest uninterrupted surface in a space, can help incorporate acoustical building materials, and when used in combination with sound blocking walls of equal performance can provide the highest levels of confidentiality in spaces with partial-height, demountable or full-height walls with unsealed penetrations.

Maximize speech privacy, and protect confidential conversations, with ceiling panels that deliver high sound blocking performance. 

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Free Acoustical Analysis

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