​Integrated Walls & Ceilings

Shown above: METALWORKS Tegular and METALWORKS Torsion Spring (l), WOODWORKS Custom Panelized Linear System (m) and METALWORKS RH200 Flat & Curved Systems (l)

Seamless. Integrated. Flowing.

Now you can create continuous, integrated transitions between ceilings and walls using standard components. From crisp 90° degree angles, to welcoming curves that ebb and flow with your design, we can help deliver your vision.

Whether you are designing with warm inviting wood, cool sophisticated metal, intriguing translucent materials, or textured fabrics, you can achieve the look you want without compromising the key acoustical or performance criteria you need for your commercial interiors.

The panels ... the hardware ... all tested and true ... complete systems from Armstrong, along with the installation information and technical support you need to ensure a flawless delivery.

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