Reinventing the Ceiling

DESIGNFlex Ceiling Systems

Mix and match different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to reinvent your ceiling.

          Shown above: ULTIMA Shapes for DESIGNFlex (l, r), CALLA Shapes for DESIGNFlex (m)

What If?

IMAGINE a ceiling so completely fresh and unusual it seems practically reinvented. A ceiling that mimics the pattern on an ice cream cone. Or the intricate veins of a dragonfly wing. Can you picture it? Maybe it’s reminiscent of a carnival Ferris wheel ... or a faceted, shimmering diamond.

WHAT IF you could break free of material constraints and let your space reflect the wonders of your limitless imagination?

WHAT IF you could design a ceiling in any color you like?

WHAT IF you could bring your vision to life in just a few weeks?

There's no more “what if.” Now, there are DESIGNFlex Ceiling Systems. So, go ahead...

Go above. Go beyond. Reinvent your ceiling.


  • Collaborative design
  • Detail and layout drawings
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Pre-construction assistance
  • Installation recommendations

Faster, more efficient design

We can collaborate with you to design your ceiling faster and more efficiently with free ProjectWorks™ Design and Pre-Construction Services
Faster, more efficient design

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