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Whether it’s changing conditions in design and construction, or a new way of working together, we can help.

How can we make renovations and retrofits better? Help people in those spaces to feel more secure and effective in changing environments.

We can help. Connect with your local Armstrong Sales Representative and we’ll help you keep your projects moving at the pace you need. Right now, we’re getting these types of questions:

  1. What is a cleanable, durable ceiling panel I can specify or use for renovation?
  2. I’m trying to meet FGI guidelines but not sure which products to consider.
  3. I’m worried about noise now that we’re adding more hard, cleanable surfaces. Do you have suggestions?
  4. I just saw some new translucent partitions you offer.  How quickly can I get those?

Of course, we’re also here for your day-in-day-out needs. Need a detail to finish a permit set? A spec review? Help with product recommendations or getting submittals pulled together? Pre-engineered solutions to help construction go faster with fewer people on-site? Count on us.

Designing with new health and safety in mind? Consider our solutions for healthier and safer spaces.

Are you specifying or renovating a medical facility? Start here

Challenged with new or expanded data center projects? Check out our powerful new options.

Looking for faster, easier pre-engineered solutions?  Browse our contractor solutions.

Need help looking at DesignFlex or MetalWorks Torsion Spring design options?  Check our our new PROJECTWORKS Design & Pre-Construction Service.

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We’re committed to helping you create calm, quiet, reassuring spaces for people returning to work, learn, heal, and play. Whether you’re retrofitting an existing space or designing for the future, we can help with solutions for healthier spaces.

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