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Armstrong solutions are designed to contribute to cleaner, quieter, sustainable, healthier spaces, including improved indoor air quality. WATCH VIDEO >

Designing for the future means creating welcoming, inviting environments where people feel safe and well as they return to live, work, learn, heal and play.

Our solutions, from the 24/7 DEFEND portfolio that helps to contain, clean and protect, to TOTAL ACOUSTICS ceilings – the ideal combination of sound absorption and sound blocking to quiet and ensure reconfigured spaces are designed for acoustics, to the SUSTAIN portfolio of products meeting the highest sustainability standards in the industry reinforced by our sustainability commitments as a company…all provide versatile performance with many design options across the broadest portfolio of materials, shapes, and forms to bring your ideas to reality.

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We’re committed to helping you create clean, quiet, welcoming spaces. Whether you’re retrofitting an existing space, or designing for the future, our solutions can make a difference.
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All-New 24/7 DEFEND Portfolio

Gensler Design Exchange

Listen or watch this three-episode podcast series on Gensler Design Exchange called Looking Up; focused on redefining resilient spaces, clean air solutions in a post-COVID world, the Armstrong Living Lab, and much more.

Redefining Resilient Spaces

Charting the course toward a more sustainable future.


Improved Indoor Air Quality

Concerned with indoor air quality, or containment of viruses and germs?

“In most buildings, the ceiling grid and panels are effectively part of the supply and return air ducting. Investing in a gasketed suspended ceiling where there are concerns about recirculation of contaminated air should be considered. This potentially helps any effort to filter the air,” said  Rives Taylor, Principal and Director of Design Resilience, Gensler.

Check out our 24/7 Defend Portfolio, including solutions to: 

Cleaner Air for Classrooms

Cleaner Air for Classrooms