Ceiling Estimate Tool

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This software will help contractors design and plan their ceiling installation. In addition, an estimate of the quantity of products needed to order will also be calculated.             

ceiling estimate tool icon   WHAT IS CEILING ESTIMATE?

A programme of 6 modules designed to:

  • Calculate suspended ceiling material components based on project size or shape
  • Create project specification for suspended ceilings
  • Evaluate acoustics for different ceiling finishes
  • For more information, please, contact us.



  • New users, please contact Armstrong to register your downloaded software. Please note - you will not be able to use the functions of Estimate until you have registered with us.
  • All existing users, please only run install.exe on your PC where a previous version of Ceiling Estimate software is already installed and the update will be done automatically.



ceiling estimate tool icon    Ceiling Estimate (excecutable file)

    Ceiling Estimate User Manual (PDF)