You Inspire Solutions Center

Bring Your One-of-a-Kind Ideas to Life

Expect nothing less than unparalleled support as we help you translate your inspiration into a truly unique space.

          Shown above: METALWORKS RH215 (l) and  METALWORKS Torsion Spring (r)




Want an out-of-the-ordinary ceiling? From capabilities to modified standard product shapes and sizes, to custom colors and images, finishes and perfs, no one offers the broad range of options you can get from Armstrong Ceilings. 

Linear Visuals

Linear designs allow you to take that line to new levels – bringing depth, movement, and focus to your interiors. The endless variations of materials, colors, and unexpected details give you more ways than ever to make your designs line up.

Explore our portfolio of standard and custom linear ceilings and learn how something wonderful can be created from a simple line. The You Inspire Solutions Center can help bring your most unique, one-of-a-kind ideas to life.