CAD Drawings

By Product Line


  • BERC2 – Beam End Retaining Clip

    The BERC2 clip or beam end retaining clip eliminates two-inch wall angle in Seismic D, E, and F, and in C installation it allows for easier installation. Learn more in this short video.

  • DLCC Direct Load Ceiling Clip

    The DLCC clip is a direct load clip that allows you to tie a hanger wire to a structure, but then hang another ceiling below making your upper ceiling a sub ceiling. Learn more about this clip in this short video.

  • Acoustical Wall Angle Corner Covers

    Use our corner covers to to make more visually appealing wall angle joints and complete your cuts in less time with architect and GC approvals. Learn how in this short video.

  • Single Tee Adapter Clip - STAC

    STAC Clip or Single Tee Adapter Clip allows you to create off-module or staggered grid installation for both non-seismic areas, seismic C, and seismic DEF. Learn more in this short video.