Soffit Calculator | By the Numbers

How Did We Get to These Numbers?

We work very closely with contractors across the U.S. around time, material, and labor spent on the job-site to install under certain conditions. These installation conditions are documented and tested by our team of experts using side-by-side comparison of traditional methods vs. pre-engineered methods – and the results validate the feedback we’ve received from the field.

You have been framing soffits with studs for years. It’s easy! Just grab your studs, track and screws, then you’re off and running. Or, are you actually just walking? You see, most contractors, depending on a soffits’ complexity, can only frame 30-60 running feet of soffit per man day! All this, in an age when projects are increasingly modular, with demands for reduced labor and materials and at least 2X the productivity increase.

There is a better, proven way.

Armstrong Drywall Grid modular soffit framing eliminates unnecessary steel, while reducing man hours by simplifying the process. Our videos and shop drawings will show you how, while this soffit calculator proves it’s possible!

Build your next soffit project, using construction expertise know how, from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.

Watch the videos below for yourself and see the difference.