Perkins & Will | ACOUSTIBUILT Ceiling


The Challenge:

The Austin, Texas, office of Perkins & Will recently moved into new quarters. Interior Design Principal, Lina Murillo, notes that her firm was the first tenant in the space and wanted to retain its open, exposed look. “We wanted a minimal look and feel to the space,” she says, “so there is exposed concrete everywhere, including the floor, deck, and columns.”

An exception is a large, 600-square-foot, glass-enclosed conference room where Murillo explains aesthetics and acoustics were important design elements. “Aesthetically, we didn’t want it to look like a typical office space.” she says. “We wanted to create a soft, inviting visual including a ceiling with a clean look.” 

The Solution:

Drywall was an option, but Murillo notes the firm desired good acoustic performance in the space as well. To provide both aesthetics and acoustics, the firm selected ACOUSTIBUILT seamless acoustical ceiling panels from Armstrong. “It was our acoustician who initially suggested it,” she states. “The product had just been introduced and it fit our needs perfectly. The acoustics in the room are great.”

Finished ACOUSTIBUILT panels provide a smooth, non-directional, monolithic visual to meet the needs of architects, designers, and owners who desire the seamless appearance of a drywall ceiling but also require effective acoustical performance in a space.

The ceiling is part of the Armstrong TOTAL ACOUSTICS portfolio, offering an ideal combination of sound absorption and sound blocking. An installed system has a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) up to 0.70, indicating it absorbs up to 70% of the sound that strikes it, and Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) up to 48, indicating its ability to ensure speech privacy by preventing sound from entering adjacent spaces.

Panel installation is quick and easy using Armstrong Drywall Grid. Finishing methods are similar to those of traditional drywall ceilings. According to project manager Brendan Burke-Phillips of Marek Brothers, the acoustical contractor, installation went smoothly even though it was his crew’s first experience with the new product. “It was simple,” he says. “No new training was required. There wasn’t much of a learning curve. It was just like installing a normal gyp board ceiling.”

To help mitigate noise in other parts of the office, INVISACOUSTICS panels from Armstrong were installed over the reception desk and “all hands” areas where the staff gathers. Measuring 2' x 4' in size, the panels attached directly to the deck and help improve acoustics by lowering reverberation time and providing spot acoustics in the space below them. The panels were field painted to coordinate with the concrete deck.