Solving Office Acoustical Challenges

Create Effective Environments

Strike the right balance between a collaborative environment and disruptive noise. Discover a diverse range of acoustic solutions that can blend in or stand out.

Acoustic Balance Matters

Whether you address acoustics during the design phase – or after people settle into their work space – the right sound can make a world of difference in today's open office layout that has no ceiling.

Our acoustical options can disappear into the deck or visually define a space – allowing you to maintain your design vision and solve for noise, to create more productive offices.

Get The Right Acoustical Control For Your Space



Reduce noise and improve speech intelligibility & occupant comfort with a custom reverberation time report that will provide you with recommended acoustical solutions and coverage recommendations to meet your project needs.

Provide our TechLine acoustical experts with details specific to your office layout, and receive a custom report to help you get the right sound control for your open ceiling space.

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