ACOUSTIBuilt Ceiling Systems

Looks like drywall, performs like an acoustical ceiling

A seamless ceiling system with TOTAL ACOUSTICS & SUSTAIN performance.

The ACOUSTIBuilt Seamless Acoustical Ceiling System gives you the design flexibility and monolithic visual of drywall with TOTAL ACOUSTICS performance. Treat it like drywall, enjoy the performance.

  • When installed, get an NRC up to .70 and a CAC up to 48
  • Part of our SUSTAIN portfolio – most stringent sustainability compliance standards
  • Fine texture finish provides and smooth, uninterrupted appearance
  • Similar installation and finishing methods to drywall – pair with Armstrong Drywall Grid for the easiest installation
  • Lower cost than acoustical plaster

ACOUSTIBuilt Details

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ACOUSTIBuilt Details


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