12 Months, 12 Projects, 12 Chances to Win

Shown above: METALWORKS RH200 (l) and WOODWORKS Grille (r)

2017 Calendar

The 2017 Calendar showcases twelve new projects, featuring unique spaces to inspire you.  As you turn the page each month, you have the opportunity to learn more about every product and see every photo. And each month you can enter to win a $100 Amazon.com Gift Card.* Monthly drawings start in January. Be sure to come back and visit us to submit your entry.

Enter to Win

Featured Projects

<h4>January 2017</h4>

January 2017

The winner is:
Rebekah F. from Memphis, TN!

<h4>February 2017</h4>

February 2017

The winner is:
CarrieBeth R. from Tuscola, TX!

<h4>MARCH 2017</h4>

MARCH 2017

The winner is:
Anna C. from Glendale, AZ!

<h4>April 2017</h4>

April 2017

The winner is:
Hannah A. from Alameda, CA!

<h4>May 2017</h4>

May 2017

The winner is:
Kyle H. from Solon, OH!

<h4>June 2017</h4>

June 2017

The winner is:
Justin G. from San Francisco, CA!

<h4>July 2017</h4>

July 2017

The winner is:
Tim B. from Phoenix, AZ!

<h4>August 2017</h4>

August 2017

The winner is:
Jonathan L.!

<h4>September 2017</h4>

September 2017

The winner is:
Brian S. from Dublin, OH!

<h4>October 2017</h4>

October 2017

The winner is:
Jordan N. from Columbus, OH!

<h4>December 2017</h4>

December 2017

Check back in December to enter.

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