Healthier Spaces

Flexible, Adaptable, Cleanable

Ceiling systems and partitions that can make a difference for retrofits and renovations.

Armstrong solutions are designed to contribute to cleaner, quieter, and healthier spaces, all of which are important attributes to help address evolving needs. Here are some ceiling, suspension system, and partition solutions that can help retrofit spaces without sacrificing design.

Healthier, Safer Spaces

Concerned with indoor air quality and containment of viruses and germs?

“In most buildings, the ceiling grid and panels are effectively part of the supply and return air ducting. Investing in a gasketed suspended ceiling where there are concerns about recirculation of contaminated air should be considered. This potentially helps any effort to filter the air,” said Rives Taylor, Director of Design Resilience at Gensler

Check out Health Zone Ceilings and Clean Room Suspension Systems

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We’re committed to helping you create calm, quiet, reassuring spaces for people returning to work, learn, heal, and play. Whether you’re retrofitting an existing space or designing for the future, our solutions can make a difference.
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