Changing Spaces

Flexible, Adaptable, Cleanable

The right products can help contribute to clean, quiet, reassuring environments as interiors are updated to address evolving needs. Here are some ceiling and partition solutions that can help retrofit spaces without sacrificing design.

Ceiling Systems

Cleanable, Washable, Quieting HEALTH ZONE Ceiling Systems

Meet demands in today's changing spaces- beyond healthcare to offices, schools and more --with our Health Zone ceiling systems, originally designed for the most stringent healthcare environments.  

  • Water-repellent, washable, scrubbable, and safe for use with disinfectants
  • Exceed FGI guidelines for acoustics and cleanability in general healthcare spaces
  • Part of the SUSTAIN and TOTAL ACOUSTICS portfolios
  • Pair panels with Clean Room Suspension Systems for the best performance, especially where HVAC and air flow is a concern.  Some existing systems can be retrofitted with gasketing in areas needing a negative pressure environment. See more or contact TechLine.   

TOTAL ACOUSTICS panels are ideal to offset the noise created by additional hard surfaces or layout changes in today's renovations. The ceiling is one of the single largest surfaces to help control noise and bring a sense of calm and quiet to people who work, learn, heal, and play in these spaces. 

  • Flexible for reconfiguring open and closed plan layouts
  • Absorb & block sound


NEW! Translucent INFUSIONS Resilient Partitions

Transform existing shared spaces into segmented areas.

  • Nonporous and easily cleanable wall partitions
  • Large format, standard 24" x 96" wall panels are artfully designed in a variety of patterns and colors
  • Quick and easy to retrofit existing spaces to help meet social distancing guidelines

Need Help?

We’re committed to helping you create calm, quiet, reassuring spaces for people returning to work, learn, heal, and play. Whether you’re retrofitting an existing space or designing for the future, we can help.