2021 ASHRAE Virtual Winter Conference

Ceilings for Improved Air Quality

The ceiling is the largest, continuous plane in buildings and can enhance HVAC/MEP systems to create cleaner air.

Access Virtual Show

If you missed Armstrong Ceilings at ASHRAE, you can still visit the Armstrong Ceilings Virtual Kiosk to learn more about all of these options or connect with us now here.

  • AirAssure Ceiling Panels
  • VidaShield UV24 Air Purification System
  • MetalWorks Airtite Radiant Ceiling Systems
  • Data Center Ceiling Solutions

You can also view the Tech Demo session in the theater on-demand to learn more about how technologies integrated into the ceiling plane can help create, convert or maintain more reliable and robust pressure-controlled spaces as well as utilize UV-C safely and effectively to clean the air.

Access the recording below using this passcode z?TiV3D?


How Ceiling Systems Can Clean the Air & Help Control & Direct Airflow