Ceilings for Seismic requirements

Seismic compliant solutions

Seismic-compliant solutions

In geographic seismic zones, and other building types requiring additional protection, building structures need to be properly designed and engineered to withstand seismic effects, while sustaining an acceptable level of damage. Our seismic solutions provide the additional security required for seismic resistance using specifically designed elements for minimised installation complexity with maximum performance. 

In addition to earthquakes, there are several other industries with associated risks (e.g. Blast protection) where the use of seismic tested systems will provide additional protection for the ceiling:

Nuclear installations

Defence establishments

Chemical installations

Transport installations (with intermittent vibrations)

Seismic Rx grid system, for use with standard mineral and metal tiles, plus a customised Metal R-H 200 system, provide tested systems for buildings with seismic protection requirements.


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Armstrong Seismic Rx

ICC-ES recognizes Armstrong Seismic Rx Suspension Systems as seismic code compliant solutions to meet ESR-1308. This evaluation and confirmation by ICC-ES provides evidence supporting the Armstrong Seismic RX as a code-compliant alternative to IBC requirements. The performance of the Armstrong Seismic Rx System is based on a specific combination of components and methods of installation.