Materials & Product Stewardship


We are committed to reducing the impact of our products through innovative new materials and technologies.

          Shown above: Interlude HRC Grid (l) and Sabbia / Sahara Max (r)

High Recycled Content

Create a High Recycled Content (HRC) ceiling system by combining our HRC grid with one of our sustainable ceiling tiles.

  • Combine Interlude 15 XL² HRC grid system (up to 63% recycled content) with MicroLook Ultima+ or Perla ceiling tiles (up to 65% recycled content) and maximise your sustainable ceiling system.
  • Armstrong mineral fibre ceiling tiles and suspension systems are 100% recyclable.
  • Contributes to LEED and Ska environmental rating schemes.

A significant proportion of our ceiling tiles are produced using recycled raw materials, including slag mineral wool, other recycled mineral wools, recycled paper and recycled ceiling tiles.

These recycled contents will now be indicated on all Armstrong's published literature in accordance with EN ISO 14021:2001.

Find out more about the recycled content of Armstrong’s portfolio of ceilings, calculated according to EN ISO 14021:2001.


Sustainable Products & Design

Raw materials for our ceilings are renewable and abundant in nature - Biosoluble mineral wool (the wools used in our products meet the classification "exempt" as defined by EC directive 97/69/EC 1997), perlite, natural starch, recycled paper, recycled tiles and clay. None of our ceiling products contain asbestos.