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  • How to Build an Armstrong Drywall Grid Groin Vault

    See how fast and easy constructing a complex drywall or stucco groin vault can be using Armstrong Drywall Grid.

  • Why Specify Drywall Grid Soffits

    Specify drywall grid for soffits and light coves to positively impact challenges faced with MEP conflicts, RFI’s, VE’s, skilled labor, construction schedules, and green building. Learn how drywall grid can modularize builds with half the labor.

  • One Million Lineal FT of Soffit Framing

    We build it better even when your project involves one million lineal feet of soffit framing. See how our Man on the Street, John Dose, provides technical expertise specific to the job in this project walk-through that highlights Armstrong Drywall G

  • Fast & Easy Drywall Framing - ShortSpan 101

    Simplify and Speed Up Your Drywall Framing with the New ShortSpan®

  • SIMPLECURVE™ KAM curved utility angle

    Pre-engineered molding that eliminates the need for field modifications and can create curves as tight as 52 inches. See how it works in this short video.

  • Reduce Sound Transmission with the Impact Isolation Clip (IIC)

    Learn how the construction crew working on two condominium projects in New Orleans use the Impact Isolation Clip (IIC) for sound-transmission and impact-insulation control, a crucial yet affordable installation element in projects of every scale toda

  • Curved Drywall Grid Capabilities

    Learn how Armstrong drywall grid makes curved drywall ceiling framing fast and easy.