Noise is a major cause of reduced workplace effectiveness, higher stress and declining job satisfaction. According to ongoing research at the University of California at Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment (CBE), the level of acoustic satisfaction is rated as the lowest performance of Indoor Environmental Quality.


  • Exposed structure spaces with no ceiling and exposed building service elements cause acoustical problems. Sound reflecting off the deck creates excessive reverberation.
  • Large spaces require sound absorption to reduce distracting noise.
  • Reverberation time and sound level can be significantly improved with the installation of acoustical clouds, canopies, blades, and baffles.

Different Ways of Adding Sound Absorption

5,000 SF office space (100' x 50'), 15' to deck, drywall with windows on two sides, commercial carpet

Hear the Difference

* Reverberation Time is an average of 500/1000 Hz.

** Sound Pressure Level Reduction is broadband.

NOTE: Results based on acoustical testing of White SOUNDSCAPES Blades suspended. The absorption is approximately 10% lower for color panels.