METALWORKS Trioguard Coating


Wide range of Metal systems with TrioGuard coating with dust repellency


TrioGuard coating protects the ceilings from dust, grime build-up and color fading, maintaining a cleaner, original look for long.

Key Features

  • Dust Repellent - Repels dust ten times better than untreated tiles.
  • A new powdercoat finish keeping a brighter, long lasting 'just like new' appearance for up to 10 years
  • Lower maintenance costs and easy to clean, suitable for areas where ongoing cleaning might be difficult
  • Anti-microbial surface resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria growth
  • Excellent resistance to fluorescence & UV-A providing longevity of appearance and resistance to colour fading (ISO 4892-2 & ISO 16474-3)
  • Available for a wide range of metal ceilings.

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Product Details

TrioGuard™ is a unique technological powder coating that is inspired by nature itself with properties that are the first in the world to address ceiling maintenance, appearance and hygiene factors in one single product. The Trioguard™ powder-coat finish is factory applied on select Armstrong MetalWorks products and is formulated to repel the build-up of dust on the surface of the ceiling panels to keep them looking brighter and cleaner for longer. By preserving the design aesthetic of the space there is less need to clean or replace ceiling panels which can also lead to reduced maintenance costs over time.


  • Dust Repellent
  • Fire Protection
  • Cleaning
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Light Reflectance up to 85%
  • Recycled Content up to 30%