METALWORKS W-H 1000 W-H 1100 Wall System


Custom metal wall cladding is a Hook-On solution with an impressive visual appearance providing a complete acoustic wall solution as an alternative to individual wall absorbers.

Key Features

  • Variety of customised design solutions & versatile applications
  • Impressive visual appearance
  • Complete acoustic wall solution
  • Large module sizes with upright & reclined panel options
  • Can be used as a magnetic board in office & education environments
  • Certified system, Small offset distance, Space saving, Light-weight type
  • Simple & quick installation (alignment) and disassembling, Standard subconstruction & Cost efficient
Special Applications

Questions about Custom Metal?

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Metal wall cladding products have been tested for their acoustic performance of sound absorption. All perforated products can be supplied with a variety of factory fitted acoustic infill options. 


Metal wall panels can be supplied with factory produced cut outs and apertures for the integration of building services.