CoolZone Ceiling Solutions

CoolZone an innovative ceiling solution, using the latest & most advanced phase change technology.

          Shown above: CoolZone cassettes


What is CoolZone?

An innovative ceiling solution that saves energy and improves occupant comfort

CoolZone - energy-saving ceiling tiles incorporating phase change material, designed to absorb heat and minimise overheating in buildings.

Saves Carbon -  Saves Cost - Improves Comfort

CoolZone, at the heart of your energy ambitions...

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Companies reduce energy costs. Employees enjoy greater comfort. And the environment breathes more easily.

Armstrong’s CoolZone solution improves thermal comfort and contributes to the intelligent energy management and commercial success of a building in a number of ways...    


CoolZone - Lightweight thermal mass ceiling for classroom comfort meeting the new Priority Schools Building Programme Output Specification to reduce the risk of overheating. 

The Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP)

  • Applies to more than 200 schools, programme starting in 2014
  • New Output Specification considers occupant comfort and replaces BB101
  • Benefits thermal mass in classrooms to reduce the risk of overheating
  • This new legislate applies to all future schools

Designing to meet the Output Specification

  • Design the building to limit the maximum internal temperature
  • Ensure mechanical ventilation is not the sole method of summer-time ventilation
  • Classrooms to have openable windows and vents

How CoolZone lightweight phase change material (PCM) can help

  • CoolZone stores heat energy, keeping the classroom below 28°C between May to September
  • When used with natural ventilation, CoolZone helps to manage occupant comfort
  • CoolZone is part of a wall-to-wall ceiling solution which helps to hide services and provide acoustical comfort to optimise learning conditions
  • Allows for lightweight construction designs over traditional heavyweight concrete structures


How it works

Thermal mass acts as a buffer against temperature fluctuations and is an effective way to maintain a pleasant temperature in summer is to increase the thermal capacity of a structure. This is especially true for lightweight structures, which are more prone to overheating in the summer.

Modules & Application

Armstrong CoolZone cassettes are produced from unperforated Armstrong metal ceiling tiles with a 24mm infill incorporating phase change material.

The CoolZone cassettes are suspended in standard Armstrong exposed grid systems and can be installed in conjunction with standard Armstrong ceiling tiles to optimise both the thermal comfort and the acoustic comfort of the room.                   

Coolzone ceiling cassettes
  • Available in 600 X 600 modules with Tegular and MicroLook edge details
  • Other module sizes available on request
  • Typically 30-50% of the ceiling area would comprise of the Armstrong CoolZone cassettes with standard tiles and service elements making up the remainder of the installation

Contact Armstrong Ceiling Solutions for information and calculations to help determine the right quantity of CoolZone cassettes for an individual project.                  


Individual CoolZone cassettes weigh 9Kg, significantly more than standard metal ceiling tiles, and care should be taken during installation.

Due to this weight, special considerations need to be made when considering the grid system.

For new CoolZone installations, Armstrong Prelude 15mm or Prelude 24mm exposed grid systems installation is recommended with main runners at 600mm centres and with hangers at 1000mm along the main runners. The first hangers should be within 450mm of the perimeter trim. This will maintain Class 1 deflection as per EN 13964:2004+A1:2006.

For refurbishment installations, please contact us for specific detailed loading calculations.

As the the CoolZone cassettes are formed from two Armstrong Metal tiles, one with an 8mm return and a one with a 16mm return, the tiles are reversible and can be installed with either the 8mm or the 16mm return visible.

Armstrong CoolZone cassettes are re-locatable and can be easily relocated within a space, supplemented with additional cassettes, or moved to another room in the building as required by the cooling loads. Care must be exercised when moving CoolZone cassettes due to their heavier weight and consideration must be given to the grid support if moving CoolZone cassettes into new areas.

Armstrong CoolZone cassettes should not be cut. Perimeter tiles and tiles required to be cut for service elements should be standard ceiling tiles.

Armstrong CoolZone cassettes require no more maintenance than a standard metal ceiling tile and are washable with a sponge dampened in water containing mild soap or diluted detergent. Abrasive cleaning agents should not be used.