Total Acoustics

​​Total Noise Control and Design Flexibility

          Shown above: Dune Max (l) and Ultima+ (r)


Total Acoustics ceiling panels feature the ideal combination of sound absorption and sound attenuation.

Noise can impede concentration, healing, and learning. Total Acoustics ceiling tiles feature the ideal combination of both sound absorption and sound attenuation - giving you complete noise control and design flexibility for every space. These tiles meet the needs of both open and closed plan environments, so the ceiling has the ideal acoustical performance even if your facility manager needs to reconfigure spaces. 

Total Acoustics ceiling panels and Specialty Ceilings are rated BETTER or  GOOD so you can easily choose the ceiling that's right for your spaces.


Total Acoustics ceiling panels feature the ideal combination of sound absorption and sound blocking. So whether you are trying to reduce noise in concentration or focus spaces, creating collaborative environments or working to ensure confidentiality, get total noise control and design flexibility with Total Acoustics ceiling panels.

* Acoustics performance for WOODWORKS and  METALWORKS ceilings is determined by the product, perforation, and infill panel. See product data sheets for detailed information.

Click the BETTER or GOOD options below to see the products that fit your space.

  • Better



    High traffic spaces or multipurpose spaces where maximum sound absorption and sound blocking are needed to help keep noise levels down and prevent disruption to adjacent spaces.

  • Good


    TOTAL ACOUSTICS = NRC 0.70-0.75 AND CAC 35+

    Spaces where strong sound absorption and sound blocking are needed for all-around acoustical performance.

Total Acoustics for Every Space


Studies show that excessive noise at the office reduces worker effectiveness, raises stress and lowers employee satisfaction. Today's flexible spaces call for concentration one minute and collaboration the next. Total Acoustics ceiling panels not only address quiet concentration and energetic collaboration in today's workplace, but everything in between.


Excessive noise in corridors and chaotic treatment rooms negatively affects patient's ability to heal and limits privacy. Total Acoustics ceiling panels address today's healthcare facilities requirements to ensure speech privacy requirements (HIPAA), while improving patient well being during recuperation.


Each day thousands of students are unable to understand one out of every four words in classrooms due to inadequate ceiling acoustics. Total Acoustics ceiling panels can help create a better place for teachers to teach and students to learn.