Durable Ceiling Tiles

Durable Ceiling tiles are impact, scratch, and soil resistant.

          Shown Above:  Clean Room FL (l) and DUNE Max (r)

Durable ceiling tiles are impact, scratch, and soil resistant.

A high durability ceiling tile should be considered in areas where usage requires added levels of impact, scratch, or soil resistance or when the plenum will be accessed frequently. Look for performance icons indicating these key features:

Scratch Resistance  - Ceiling tiles that won't show wear and tear from frequent plenum access. Ideal for corridors and other areas where frequent plenum access is necessary to maintain HVAC, other building systems, and more.


Soil Resistance - Ceilings that resist dirt accumulation and maintain their appearance, acoustics and light reflectance. Ideal for kitchens, hospitals, and cafeterias.


Impact Resistance - Ceilings that stand up to what life throws at them. Ideal for spaces like school gymnasiums, cafeterias, and other areas that need to withstand occasional abuse.


Durable Ceilings Are Ideal For:

  • Corridors
  • Kitchens
  • Cafeterias
  • Gymnasiums
  • Areas with frequent plenum access
  • Locker Rooms
  • Indoor Pools