​Custom Metal Ceiling Configurations


Project-based solutions

Armstrong offers various options for individual solutions and a complete range with many shapes and materials. Breathe new life into your ceiling architecture - with a creative design, impressive simplicity and high performance. With Armstrong, your wildest ideas become reality. You can always find the right mix of shapes and colours - for example by combining materials.

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Dimensions & Shapes


Ceiling tiles and panels can be used in variety of spaces and are available in both standard modules and custom dimensions to suit your project.

  • 500 x 500 mm
  • 600 x 600 mm
  • 300 x 600 mm
  • 675 x 675 mm
  • 750 x 750 mm



Trapezoidal Panels

Trapezoidal panel
  • Hook-On & Lay-In & direct suspended solutions
  • Further special shapes available on request
  • Hook-On, Clip-In & direct suspended solutions
  • Wall to ceiling transitions, change in level solutions  
  • Large size with various edge details
  • Fitting with standard visible & concealed grid systems
  • Wall-to-wall or floating ceiling solutions  


Curved Panels

Curved Metal Panels
  • Concave, convex or waved panels, with various edge details
  • Fitting with standard concealed grid systems
  • Wall-to-wall or floating ceiling solutions
  • Wall cladding options 

Colours & Finishes

Powder coat finishes are electrostatically applied and stove-hardened. Powder coated finish options are UV stable, inhibit micro-biological growth, are easy to clean and are very robust and impact-resistant. 


colours and finishes

Powder Coated Standard & Custom Colours

The colour systems RAL and NCS are the most common systems in the building industry. Armstrong uses RAL 9010 (pure white) as a standard colour and all other colours in the RAL and NCS ranges are available.



colours and finishes

TrioGuard™ Dirt Resistant Coating

TrioGuard™ is a unique coating applied to metal products which protects the ceiling and wall from dirt build-up and colour fading, maintaining its original look for longer.

Bioguard Coating

Bioguard is a special powder coating, originally developed for use in clean rooms, which provides protection against bio-contamination by preventing the settlement of bacteria on the surface of the tile.

Effects Wood

A decorative range of metal ceiling panels that includes the natural wood-look of Ash, Oak, Red Oak, US Cherry, US Walnut as well as a Chrome and Bronze finish, with all the benefits of a metal tile: durable, light weight and easily accessible. Ideal for applications where traditional materials are not suitable for moisture or structural constraints. 

Motif Print

Ceiling or wall panels can be printed and finished with images or photos. You choose the motif and we take care of printing!


Perforations & Inlays


Curved Metal Panels

Creating a pleasant indoor environment with intelligent room acoustics is a central function of metal ceilings.

With the combination of the chosen perforation and acoustic inlay, the sound pressure level can be reduced to improve room acoustics. The Armstrong range comprises a wide variety of different perforations, with special designs available on request. 

Perforation Terminology:

  • Rd = Round holes diagonal
  • Rg = Round holes straight
  • Rv = Round holes staggered
  • Qg = Square holes straight
  • Qd = Square holes diagonal
  • Tv = Rhomboidal holes staggered
  • Lg = Slot holes

Acoustic Inlays

Our metal ceilings have certified acoustical properties in terms of sound absorption and sound attenuation. A large number of acoustic inlays are available for metal panels from Armstrong.

Armstrong provides standard acoustic inlays:

  • Black acoustic Fleece for sound absorption
  • Premium B15 for good sound absorption and high sound attenuation 
  • Premium OP19 for high sound absorption that meets Class A requirements
  • Additional acoustic inlays available on request. 


Service Integration

The ceiling panels can be provided with cut-out, recesses, openings and special design details in order to accommodate a large number of ceiling installations.

Regardless of whether the designer decides on standard metal panels or individual solutions, lighting, air-conditioning units, ventilation outlets and fire protection equipment can always be integrated into the ceiling system.