​Custom Mesh Configurations


Armstrong offers various Custom Mesh metal options. Breathe new life into your ceiling architecture - with a creative design, impressive simplicity and high performance. With Armstrong, your wildest ideas become reality. You can always find the right mix of patterns and colours. 

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Dimensions & Shapes


Ceiling tiles and wall panels can be used in variety of spaces and are available in both standard modules and custom dimensions to suit your project.

Trapezoidal Panels

Trapezoidal panel
  • Hook-On, Lay-In & direct suspended solutions
  • Further special shapes available on request  
  • Large size with various edge details
  • Fitting with standard visible & concealed grid systems
  • Wall-to-wall or floating ceiling solutions   


Powder coat finishes are electrostatically applied and stove-hardened. Powder coated finish options are UV stable, inhibit micro-biological growth, are easy to clean and are very robust and impact-resistant. 

colours and finishes

Powder Coated Standard & Custom Colours

Armstrong offers standard colours RAL 9010, RAL 9005, RAL 9006 and RAL 9007. Other colours available on request. 



Available in various mesh patterns, the products are designed for simple and economical installation on standard exposed grid systems.

  • Standard mesh patterns: KD100, RB25, RB35, RB55
  • Further mesh patterns available on request

Air and Light permeable due to the High Open Area providing a clear view into the ceiling void. 

Service Integration

The ceiling panels can be provided with cut-out, recesses, openings and special design details in order to accommodate a large number of ceiling installations.

Regardless of whether the designer decides on standard Mesh Metal panels or individual solutions, lighting, air-conditioning units, ventilation outlets and fire protection equipment can always be integrated into the ceiling system.