Acoustic Control and Design Flexibility

          Shown above: Sahara dB and Optima Canopy Circle (l), Ultima+ dB (m)  and Perla OP 0.95 (r)


Our acoustic ceiling panels provide the appropriate combination of sound absorption and sound attenuation. 

Noise can impede concentration, healing, and learning. Armstrong ceiling tiles with balanced acoustics feature the ideal combination of both sound absorption and sound attenuation - giving you complete noise control and design flexibility for every space. These tiles meet the needs of both open and closed plan environments, so the ceiling has the ideal acoustical performance even if your facility manager needs to reconfigure spaces. 

Acoustical Solutions for Every Space

Acoustical treatment is not just sound absorption. Because every space has specific acoustical needs, Armstrong is offering you 3 options:                                 

  • The OP Range

    The OP Range

    for High Absorption and improved concentration    

    • Reduces noise disturbance
    • Controls excessive sound reflections
    • Ideal for open plan spaces and libraries


  • The dB range

    The dB range

    for High Attenuation and provides the right confidentiality

    • Keeps conversations private
    • Reduces noise transfer between rooms
    • Ideal for private rooms or cellular offices   


  • The Standard Range

    The Standard Range

    Provides a balance between Absorption & Attenuation and supports speech intelligibility    

    • Blocks unwanted noise from outside
    • Enhances sound quality inside
    • Ideal for classrooms and conference rooms     


    Sabbia / Sahara Max
    Sabbia / Sahara Max