Sustainable Building Design

Products engineered to reduce environmental impact.

          Shown above: Ultima+ (l) and Perla (r)   


Sustainability means different things to different companies and people. We have captured what sustainability means to us in the Armstrong GreenPrint, our plan for a sustainable future.

Every aspect of our sustainable ceilings contribute to the comfort and well-being of the people that work, learn, play, and heal under installed ceiling systems – without sacrificing our commitment to the environment. From energy-saving performance features to responsible raw material selection and ceiling recycling programmes, our ceilings for sustainable building design are engineered to reduce environmental impact throughout their life cycle.


Green Building: Armstrong Environmental Commitment

At Armstrong protecting our planet is synonymous with good business. Our sustainability efforts have a three-pronged focus:

  1. To decrease the environmental footprint of our operations and our key suppliers through energy reduction, responsible water management and waste reduction
  2. To focus our innovation on the development and delivery of inspired products which contribute to more sustainable spaces
  3. To be a responsible resident in the communities where we serve.

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions deliver the environmental results required for your projects, from achieving energy savings with new ceiling technologies, to simplifying waste managment by recycling, to enhancing indoor environmental quality and productivity with products that are safe and healthy.