​​Linear Lighting Integration With Xal Leno

Lighting Integration Made Easy

Linear Lighting Overview

Armstrong Ceilings and XAL Lighting present the new integrated lighting system that integrates perfectly to create a monolithic linear ceiling design. Easy to install from below and zero plenum interference. 

Symmetry is beautiful.

Armstrong and XAL Lighting are making it easier than ever to create inspiring ceiling designs with higher ceiling heights, zero plenum interference, and on-center discontinuous layouts that provide clean, modern aesthetics. Our integrated system design allows the new high-performance XAL LENO Zero Plenum LED luminaire to be installed from below to eliminate ceiling rework when specified with factory-finished Armstrong ceiling panels and the Prelude 15 XL2 suspension system.

The new XAL Leno Zero Plenum luminaire integrates with the Armstrong suspension system to provide:

  • Discontinuous on-center linear lighting layouts – Inspiring symmetry to match your building design.
  • Zero interference - Eliminates interference with mechanicals in the plenum.
  • Zero construction coordination - Install from below to speed construction.
  • Verified lighting parametrics and visuals - High-performance, energy-efficient LED lighting for any space.

Application Areas

  • Meeting Room
  • Office
  • Open Space