​​Recycle used ceilings from your projects with our closed-loop recycling program.

The Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program:

  • Launched in 1999, was the nation's first ceiling recycling program
  • Diverted over 85,000 tons of ceilings from landfills to date
  • Repurposes old ceilings to manufacture Ceiling-2-Ceiling, high-recycle content ceiling products 

Post consumer recycling programme (End of life)

Not only are Armstrong ceiling panels produced from recycled material, they are fully recyclable. Armstrong’s “Ceiling to Ceiling” Recycling Programme has recovered and recycled more than ten million square metres of ceilings since 1999 and is now available in Australia*.

*conditions apply

“Reclaim – Recycle – Reduce” ..

Armstrong ceiling panels and select other mineral fibre ceiling products may be “taken back” (Reclaimed) at the end of their useful lifecycle, “recycled” at an Armstrong plant, thus “reducing” solid waste in landfills, preserving natural resources, energy and water.

Armstrong’s “Ceiling To Ceiling” Recycling Program, which is the first of its type in Australia, is a simple alternative for building owners, who in the past had no alternative but to ship old ceiling panels to landfill, which is environmentally undesirable and also becoming more expensive.

Ceiling Recycling