Cleanable Ceiling Tiles



Water repellent, washable, and scrubbable = cleanable

From healthcare areas with highly demanding requirements for cleaning and disinfection to clean rooms and laboratories, cleanable ceiling tiles are critical in maintaining sanitary spaces.

Other Features to Consider:

Cleanable Ceilings are Ideal for:

  • Healthcare
  • Clean Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Education (Science Labs)
  • Data centres / computer rooms

Water Repellency

Ceilings installed in healthcare environments are required to be cleanable and must not interfere with infection control. In addition to washability and scrubbability, ceilings in healthcare spaces should also be water-repellent. Our Water Repellent products can be cleaned with diluted disinfectants containing active agents such as Quaternary Ammonium, Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine.

Excellent water-repellency (minimum 20 minutes) allowing frequent cleaning (achieves 500 hundred wash cycles according to ASTM D-4828)


Ceilings installed in laboratories, clean rooms, food preparation areas, and other sanitary applications are required to meet washability standards. Our washable products can be washed with a wet cloth or sponge.

Offers superior wash resistance without compromising panel finish integrity, using a washability test as per ASTM D 4828.


Ceilings installed in laboratories, clean rooms and food preparation areas are required to meet scrubbability standards - and, sometimes, other specific criteria. The Scrubbability test evaluates a ceiling's ability to withstand scrubbing.

Withstands up to 150 scrub cycles using a scrubability tester as per ASTM D 2486.

Dust Repellent

ARMSTRONG METALWORKS with a TrioGuard coating provides a ceiling solution that resists dust build-up, keeping the space looking cleaner and brighter, preserving the design aesthetic of the space. In addition, the need to clean or replace ceiling panels is reduced saving maintenance costs over time.